Diamond bur

Diamond bur

Reference: FD 101

This bur is used by Gerald Ubassy  and is a part ok Kit Special Ceramic.

Information :

Our main concern is to always offer you the best possible quality.

For this reason we have decided to replace this bur with a new one, which offer the same characteristics while being qualitatively superior to the previous in terms of efficiency and duration of use.

Abrasive with ceramic bond and diamond for ceramic press and zirconia.

Cylindro-conical flat end taper of great quality, and exceptional resistance.

Operating speed 10,000 rpm.

Its very fine grit, allows a perfect surface  preparation of  ceramic; essential to the realization of a very natural texture of the tooth, using the technique of Gérald UBASSY, see TIPS & TRICKS N ° 48

Adapted to multiple uses, It is also ideal for the preparation of edges, pressed frameworks (crowns, bridges, veneers),

Very enduring it is also suitable for zirconia, without any heat release while polishing.

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