General Terms and Conditions of Sale


Denta Vision Company, owner of the website, is registered in the Commercial Register under number 450 133 566 RCS. The Company's mailing address is Route de Tavel, 25 impasse des Ormeaux, 30650 Rochefort du Gard; its e-mail address is


A Customer wishing to place a purchase Order for a product listed on the webstore hosted at is required to read and accept these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. Customer's final confirmation of the Order implies full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions; thus, Customer's final Order validation shall have the same value as a "digital signature."

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to define the rights and obligations of the Parties in relation to any online sale of merchandise offered by SELLER to Customer .

Order Confirmation
All details relating to the Sales Contract will be confirmed by e-mail to the address given by Customer in the Order form.

Proof of the Transaction
Records stored in the computer systems at, under conditions of reasonable safety, are considered proof of communication exchanges, orders and payments between the Parties.
Purchase Orders and Invoices are filed and stored on reliable and lasting supports, which can be produced as evidence if required.


Product Information
Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented on this online STORE. Neither SELLER nor its suppliers shall be held responsible for any consequences, accidents, or special damages arising from the electronic transmission or the accuracy of the information transmitted, even if SELLER had prior knowledge of the possibility of such damages occurring.

The applicable prices are those given on the date of Order placement; prices are subject to change at any time.
Prices shown are in Euros and include VAT at the rate applicable on the day of the Order.  Any change in the VAT rate may be reflected in the final prices of goods and services.

Method of Delivery
Ordered products are delivered to the address given by Customer.
All products leave our premises in perfect condition; no refund shall be granted for any product found to have been damaged during transportation. As in any shipping procedure, possible delays may occur and shipments may be lost. Should such a case occur, the shipping company shall be required to conduct an inquiry. Every effort shall be made, for as long a period as necessary,  to trace the shipment. Should it not be possible to trace the shipment, Seller shall demand a refund from the shipping company and shall have a new shipment of the identical merchandise sent to Customer at Seller's expense. Seller hereby issues a disclaimer and limitation of liabilities for delivery delays due to the shipping company,  especially in cases of loss of merchandise, delays due to bad weather or strikes.


Registering for Training Courses: Terms and Conditions

Participants shall be considered successfully registered only upon receipt of the Training Course Registration Form, duly completed, signed and accompanied by payment of fees. It is possible to reserve by phone: in this case, however, an option will be assigned for 8 days, pending payment of fees. Should payment not be received within 8 days, the option shall expire; registration and participation shall then depend on places being available at the time when payment is received.

Given the limited number of participants, it is recommended that participants register as early as possible.

Payment of fees can be done via bank transfer, check, credit card or Paypal.

One month before the course date all registered participants will be sent a project description of the Course together with the models, as well as detailed information on the Course programme.

Refunds will be granted as follows:
- If Cancellation occurs at least 45 days before the Course begins: the price paid for the course will be refunded, except for a 200 Euro Cancellation Fee.
- If Cancellation occurs less than 45 days before the Course begins: no refund will be due.

Gérald Ubassy reserves the right to cancel a session for organizational reasons. Participants shall be notified by phone, post or e-mail. Any and all payments made by participants shall be refunded.

Participants shall be provided with all materials, instruments and equipment necessary for the training course by the organizers. Participants are required to bring with them only their own personal set of small instruments.

Right of withdrawal
The right of withdrawal applies only to natural persons.
In accordance with articles L. 120-20 , Customers shall be entitled to a period of seven (7 ) calendar days within which they may return, at their own expense, those products that they find unsuitable. This cancellation period runs from the date Customer receives delivery of his Order. SELLER's customer service shall be notified in advance of any merchandise returned. The product must be returned to SELLER's address.


If Customer wishes to exercise his right of withdrawal in relation to sensitive products (such as DVDs, CDs, software), these goods must be returned unopened, with all  external packaging still sealed. Only products returned in their entirety will be accepted, in their original packaging, complete and intact and in perfect condition for resale. Any product that has been damaged or whose original packaging has been damaged, will not be accepted, nor will it be refunded or exchanged. This right of withdrawal is exercised without penalty fee; no cost shall be due, except the cost of shipping. Exercising his right of withdrawal, the Customer has the option of requesting either a refund of monies paid, or a replacement of the product. Should Customer choose a replacement, shipment charges are to be borne by Customer.
When a Customer exercises his right of withdrawal, the SELLER shall make every effort to refund said Customer within thirty days.

Rights of Usage
The use of trademarks present in this website is strictly prohibited.

Force majeure
Neither party shall be considered as having breached their contractual obligations, if their action is delayed, hindered or prevented by an unforeseeable event of force majeure. The following shall be considered as force majeure events: any overpowering circumstance, beyond the control of the Parties, unpredictable, inevitable, occurring independently from the will of the Parties and which they are powerless to prevent, despite making every possible and reasonable effort.
The Party affected by such circumstances shall notify the other Party within ten working days of the date on which it becomes aware of the event.
Within three months – unless further prevented by force majeure events – both Parties shall meet to examine the impact of the event and agree the conditions under which the contract shall be resumed and fully executed.
If the force majeure event lasts longer than a period of one month, these Terms and Conditions may be terminated by the aggrieved Party.  Over and above the cases usually judged as force majeure by French jurisprudence, the following instances shall explicitly be considered cases of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances: transportation stoppages, earthquakes, fire, storms, flooding, lightning strikes, telecommunications stoppages or breakdowns, or interruptions affecting telecommunication networks not managed by the Parties.

Partial invalidation
Should any provision in these Terms and Conditions be deemed inapplicable or considered invalidated in compliance with a specific law or regulation, or following a ruling by a competent court, all other provisions and clauses shall nonetheless retain their validity and be enforced fully.

No Waiver
The fact that one Party chooses not to claim damages over a breach by the other Party of any of the obligations contained within these Terms and Conditions shall not be construed in the future as a waiver of the obligation in question.

Applicable Law
These Terms and Conditions are governed by French law in both form and substance.
In case of dispute or complaint, the Consumer will turn first and foremost to the SELLER to seek an amicable solution.

Protection of personal data
All data that you entrust to SELLER shall be used solely to process your orders.
Under Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to information technology, personal data and civil liberties, you have the right to demand that SELLER provides you with a right to rectify, consult, modify and delete any data you have provided to SELLER. This right may also be exercised online.

All Orders placed through the WEBSITE STORE imply the Customer's acceptance without reservation of each and all of these Terms and Conditions of Sale, as established by SELLER.
In case of sale to a legal entity, any disputes concerning the sale (price, General Terms and Conditions, products,  etc. ) will be governed by French law and submitted to the Commercial Court in the city in which SELLER's head offices are located.


Important information: the shipment of your orders is ensured in the strictest observance of all the sanitary conditions recommended by the government.
Take care!