Condições de inscrição


Your enrollment will be registered on receipt of the payment. It is possible to register by telephone. In that case, an option to participate will be made and you will have 8 days to effect the payment of the course fees. In case of payment delay the option will not be maintained and your participation will depend on the availability of seats at the time of receiving your payment.

Registration Period

Due to limited number of course participants we kindly ask you to register as soon as possible.


The models to be prepared will be sent to you at leat one month before the beginning of the course with course technical description and the relevant course program.

Cancellation by the attendee

The cancellation conditions are as follows :

  • if the date of cancellation reported is higher than 45 days before the beginning of the course : we will make the reimbursement of the course fee but with a deduction of 200 euros on the total amount.
  • if the date of the cancellation reported is less than 45 days before the beginning of the course : no reimbursement will be made.

Cancellation by Gérald Ubassy

For organizational reasons Gérald Ubassy reserves the right to cancel a session. The course participant will thus be informed by phone and/or email. The course fee will be reimbursed.

Method of payment

Payment by wire transfer, credit card or Paypal.


Course materials

All the materials, apparatus and instruments that are required for the course will be available to participants without charge. Participants are required, though, to bring along their own small working instruments.

Training courses outside regular timetable

On request it is possible to arrange a course program outside the official course timetable. For this it will be necessary to register a group of at least 8 participants, time and the subject of the course will have to be mutually agreed upon.

Important information: the shipment of your orders is ensured in the strictest observance of all the sanitary conditions recommended by the government.
Take care!