The originality of this course consists in imitating the referenced photo.

 During all the course, it will be drawn a parallel with the PFM for making the difference on  methods of work and advantages.

The restoration will be made with an articulator that the participant will bring along to the course. 

The participants will prepare in their laboratories :

- 1 framework  ( color A1 )  in zirconium.

- A gingival flange (plaster, soft resin etc)

 This framework will be seated on the preparations ready for layering.

The course participant will receive 3 models :

  • 1 upper model with preparations.
  • 1 lower model with antagonists.
  • 1 aesthetic model.

He will have to bring his small personal instrumentation for modeling and scraping (burs, spatulas, brushes ...)

Course program

1st day: 9h00 to 12h00 am– 2h00 to 6h00 pm  Theory and practise 

  • Ideas on frameworks design
  • Ideas on colours
  • Control of hue, chroma and value
  • Ideas and control of translucence
  • Ideas of absorption and reflection of light
  • Analysis of different photos and adaptation of the adequate layering technique
  • Control of the color on the framework and washfiring
  • Manage bridge embrasures and minimal thicknesses
  • Ideas on shade determination in the dental laboratory 

2nd day : 9h00 to 12h00 am– 2h00 to 6h00 pm   Practise 

  • Realization of 1st bake
  • Realization of 2ndbake
  • Application of the book « Tips & Hints » and «  Watch and do it yourself »
  • Rational and didactic study of tooth shapes
  • Study of function
  • realization of the texture
  • Glaze and mechanic polishing of the bridge.


* Ceramic porcelain used during course : IVOCLAR e.Max ceramic.

Please take along your small working instruments.