Gérald Ubassy proposes a course, where you can make 1 crown on ceramic e.max Press or Zirconium and a 1 veneer layered on pressed framework.

The goal, is to better understand their stratification by always making a parallel between the two, but especially to optimize the result, according to the clinical constraints and the aesthetic requirements.

There is also talk, to demystify the realization of the veneer by presenting a technique accessible to all, allowing production work.

Throughout these two days, Gerald Ubassy will use his latest book "Watch and do it yourself" to analyze its various layerings.

The restorations will be made with a semi-adjustable articulator that the participant will bring along to the course.

The participant will prepare in his laboratory :

2 single frameworks in e.max Press (MO1) or LTA1, at his/her choice.
2 wax patterns for esthetics and shapes
Those frameworks, ( adjusted to 0,4mm for veneer ) will be seated on the preparation without carrying out the connection firing.


The course participant will receive 3 models :

1 upper model with 3 preparations.
1 lower model with antagonists.
1 study model.


1ST DAY: 9H00 TO 12H00 AM - 2H00 TO 6H00 PM

Ideas on framework designs
Ideas on colours
Control of hue, chroma and value
Ideas and control of translucence
Analysis of the layerings according to the book "Watch and do it yourself".
Control of the color on the frameworks and wash firing
Realization of 1st bake of the crown and the veneer

2ND DAY : 9H00 TO 12H00 AM - 2H00 TO 6H00 PM

Realization of 2nd bake
Rational and didactic study of tooth shapes
Study of function
Glaze and mechanic polishing.

* Ceramic porcelain used during course : IVOCLAR e.Max ceramic.

Please take along your small working instruments.